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Decoupling Your Backend Code from Drupal (and Improving Your Life) with Wrappers Delight

If you've ever written a lot of custom code for a Drupal site, then you know it can be a tedious and error-prone experience. Your IDE doesn't know how Drupal's data structures are organized, and it doesn't have a way to extract information about configured fields to do any autocomplete or check data types. This leads to some frustrations:

Adding a Machine Name CSS Class to Drupal Blocks When Using Features Extra

If you're capturing custom blocks in Drupal with Features and Features Extra, you may want to add custom CSS styling to those blocks. Unfortunately, by default there are no CSS classes on the blocks that will stay consistent from development to production. (because the block IDs may change) The following preprocess function added to your theme will add a class based on the machine name of the block:


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